Makee House, Allamakee County, IA

This two-story log house sits in Makee Township, Allamakee County, about four miles northeast of Waukon.  When I found it three years ago it was a trashed-out dump.  Angry renters threw rocks through all the windows and trashed the inside.  Its owners- agri-industry oligarchs- didn’t bother to board the thing up for about a year.  Rain washed in, but fortunately the inside was spared from further vandalism.  Its owners eventually got around to pulling the rotten carpet and replaced the windows.  And fortunately for the house, it’s being rented again.

The house is quite sweet!  Admittedly, I know little about it, but Beacon (the assessor’s GIS service) says it was constructed in 1854.  It measures 18′ 6″ x 26′ and is a full two stories in height.  Houses this large are quite rare.  Overland and Bigler Houses (of previous posts) parallel the size of this.

The original log house was two rooms in plan.  Logs in the garage were exposed, and what I saw was all oak.  The primary entrance to the log house was located on the south wall of the larger room.  That entrance was eliminated by the creation of the framed addition.

Makee house east elevation: framed addition left, log house center, garage right

West-south elevations

East-north elevations: notice the smashed windows

Exposed oak logs in garage area: notice the minimal spacing between logs...well built!

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