Overland House Disassembly, Choice, MN Continued

Here are the final photos from the March 2011 disassembly of the Overland House.  Everything with this place was phenomenal!  The logs and accompanying components have been moved to Decorah and are awaiting reassembly once the basement foundation is poured.  The rebuilt house will be used as a woodworking space with overnight rental upstairs.

Overland House: east elevation










Overland House: oak log purlins run from gable to gable










Overland House: hand planed white pine floor joists with hand planed pine floor boards above











Overland House is of the three room plan. Photo taken from main room looking west into two smaller rooms with staircase dividing the two. Notice the interior log partition wall that divides the main room from the two smaller.












East elevation










North and west elevations










West and south elevations


















Oak cellar joists










Project nearly complete! Stone dug from cellar and logs hauled away. The framed addition was left standing and was crunched and hauled to a landfill. Had the deconstruction site not been 70 miles from Decorah we likely would have disassembled it, too. But you can only do so much.

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