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Overland House Rebuild

Here are photos of the Overland House rebuild (see prior posts of the disassembly).  I began with stonework in mid July, and am finally at the point of wrapping up for the winter months.  I replaced the bottom course of logs, and other than a bit of warping and twisting, the building went up as planned.  Believe it or not, we raised every last log by hand.  Thank god for friends.

stone atop poured basement










first floor carried by interior stud walls










south elevation










dovetailed floor joist mortise pockets










big and heavy logs are easily lifted with rope










south elevation- notice interior log partition wall










five purlins run from each gable end- this roof system was commonly employed in Norway to support the weight of a sod roof



























2/2 windows












interior looking west










south elevation










north-west elevations










south-east elevations