Log House Locations:  Green (67) signifies occupied dwellings, orange (51) abandoned, and red (18) for ones that have been demolished since 2007.  Not shown are houses that have been moved and rebuilt in recent memory, or houses that were demolished since 2007 and have since been rebuilt.  If it doesn’t have an intact roof, it’s not shown.  There are a tremendous amount of “ruins” scattered across the county.  Shown are roughly 140 resources.  I’ve covered Winneshiek County pretty thoroughly, but many more undiscovered resources exist within the surrounding counties.




Houses at risk:  Green (72) indicates occupied houses, and for the sake of of this representation, I’ve classified all of these as not at risk.  That said, with each passing building season a number of these are demolished for new, more modern structures.  Orange (22) indicates threatened status and red (19) indicates highly threatened status, say catastrophic roof leak or impending demolition.  Sorry Tom Ridge, this wasn’t your idea.


Yellow (61) signifies one room plan houses, red (65) signifies two or more room plan houses.  The distinctions between two, three, and more longitudinal-type houses are blurred, especially when I can’t get inside to poke around.


Notch type:  red (44) signifies full dovetail notching, yellow (8) v-notching, and green (4) square notching.  The three v-notched houses (yellow pins) in western Winneshiek county were Norwegian built, and the five in eastern Allamakee were likely that of a different ethnic origin.

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  1. Steve

    Kudos to you for your hard work and how much you value history. You have a rare but very worthy sense of what is right and good in the architecture of the people. In Southern Ontario, we don’t do a good job of maintaining our historical buildings – something lost to the present and future generations! With farming going more to cash crops and what feed is gathered made into big bales of hay, the old barns, without the need for larger storage buildings, are being neglected more and more and they too are being allowed to fade into oblivion.


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