Southeast Minnesota

I haven’t really explored southeast Minnesota.  Maybe five times at most, plus Kendra and I took down that house near Choice last spring.  From what I can tell there’s a lot up there, way more than what survives around here.  Our northerly neighbors have definitely done a better job of keeping stuff around.  Maybe it’s the rough topography, or the fact the state won’t let you burn buildings to get rid of them.  You actually have to have them crunched and hauled to the landfill.  Either way, it’s a place I’d really like to explore.  Here are photos from a day trip last fall.

one room log house left half, right half frame


stone house with walls at least two feet thick...yuk!

log chicken coop

1 thought on “Southeast Minnesota

  1. JJ

    Very interesting. Just came across your site while looking for older buildings. What is your organization/business? Is it based on restoring the old log home/building? Are there groups @ So. Cntrl western Wisconsin?


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