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my house

This house was built sometime during the mid 19th century as a Norwegian Lutheran parochial school.  In 1898 it was taken down, moved across a field, and rebuilt into a house by Norwegian immigrant Peter Losen.  Two of Losen’s children, Helmer and Carl, lived in it until their deaths in the late 1970s.  Seeing how horrible Helmer and Carl’s living situation had digressed, their brother Fred decided to have a metal roof installed sometime in the 1970s.  Kudos, Fred, otherwise the house would be no more.

I found it during the winter of 2006 in a state of complete disrepair.  The neighbor kids had long ago thrown rocks through the windows, the plaster walls had failed, and the floors were rotting into the dank cellar below.  I disassembled it, moved it fifteen miles south, and now it’s my sweet little house.  Enjoy.




















































pooch morgan