Glenwood Township, Winneshiek County, IA

I’ve driven past this place a million times and long ago decided it couldn’t be log.  One day recently its owners ripped off the crumbling front porch, only to expose a log core underneath.  The original log house measures something like 16’x18′ and is (likely) typical Norwegian one room plan with the primary entrance and side window (in this case two windows; the second likely added at some later point) on its longitudinal side.  The corners are dovetailed, and most of the logs are eastern white pine with a few oak mixed in.

The framed addition dates to about 1900.  In building the addition, they made a conscious move to relocate the primary entrance away from the original log core and into the more substantial and modern ell, this despite the fact the new “front” sits away from the road and approach lane.  The log core then served the auxiliary role as kitchen, basement utility room, and upstairs bedroom.

original log house right, framed addition left












wide log spacing; eastern white pine and oak logs












new primary facade (about 1900), despite the fact it sits away from the road and approach lane 













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