one room house, houston co, mn

this is a fantastic little building.  originally the farmstead house, it was later converted into a summer kitchen, and eventually into the all-purpose junk shed.  the building measures something like 15’x17′ with the gable ends on the longer sides instead of the shorter.  unique.  the door facing the newer house is not original and was likely added when the new house was built.  excluding this single door, the house is totally original.  notice the steep staircase.  it sits directly to the right of the original entrance in the northwest corner of the building.  the corners are full dovetailed and the logs are oak.  it’s not too often i find something like this!

original farmstead house converted into a summer kitchen.  the door facing the newer house was added later.



















south and east elevations, south elevation door not original



















east and north elevations, north elevation is original entrance



















north and west elevations.  notice the depth of the door well!



















looking north, original entrance center and staircase left, bigbird on the floor


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