I was recently interviewed by New York photographer Angela Cappetta.  See the interview and check out her amazing work at  Thanks, Angela!

4 thoughts on “Interview

  1. Maya

    Great work. I thought you were an architect 🙂
    I came to your blog via Cabin porn blog, quite a while ago and I have been following since.
    Keep up your passion and this blog.
    Greetings from Europe

  2. J-C

    Nice interview. I can’t remember weather or not I’ve commented on your blog before, but I am always excited to see new posts and new photos from you. I was a fan of your blog before I saw the interview on Apartment Therapy, but I had even more enthusiasm towards you/your blog after I saw the video. I’m currently renovating (read: restoring) my 1923 house in keeping with the original style and materials as much as humanly possible, so I understand a lot of the work that goes into old houses. I loved seeing the details like the salvaged, mismatched floors, the tongue and groove/beadboard ceiling, and old hardware. Reusing actual solid wood doors, etc. I also agree that it’s much better to move and rebuild an old house than to lose it completely. A lot of the ones you post are sad to see, and could be real gems if restored.

  3. Shannon

    I came across your work and projects through Apartment Therapy. I think what you are doing is pretty awesome! Thank you so much for sharing photos with everyone of before, after and the process in this nicely designed blog. It’s wonderful to see new live injected into something that might otherwise decay and disappear. Have you heard of Jonathan Raban’s book ‘Bad Land: An American Romance’? I read it a long time ago but something about what you are doing reminded me of the book. Keep up the amazing work!


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