Monthly Archives: December 2013

Glenwood House

Hey All!  Below are photos of a log house I inherited a few weeks back.  It has sat empty since 2008 and was going to be bulldozed and burned this winter.  I stepped in and its owner gladly agreed to let me take it down.  The original log core was built in the 1860s and measures just 15’6″ by 17’8″.  It’s of the prototypical Norwegian-American one room plan and was surely constructed by its occupants, and not a professional house building crew.  It’s a crude little house.

The interior first floor is absolutely beautiful!  The room is currently stripped to the point it looked originally.  With its wainscot chair rail, board ceiling, and 2/2 windows with hearty trim, it’s a fantastic space.

When the framed addition was added (about 1880) the abutting fourth wall of the log house was removed.  Reusing it will be difficult:  It could be attached to an existing house or rebuilt freestanding with much framing and stiffening.