Fillmore County, MN

Here’s a really nice three room Norwegian-American three room house I located this past summer outside Highland, in Fillmore County, MN.  Excuse the crummy photos.  They were taken at sunset and I haven’t yet been back to get more.  It measures about 16′ x 26′ and is unusually tall and gives more the appearance of a framed house than a log house.  Notice the porch brackets, the spun posts as well as the railing posts on the second level of the porch (attached to the building).  The individual porch balusters were all laying on the porch floor.  The windows are all four light and have simple hoods above.  It was clearly abandoned long ago but has been maintained to some degree over the years.

All this detail coupled with an unusually tall massing suggests a construction (or perhaps extensive remodel) date of 1870 to 1885.  It’s likely a “transitional” house:  One in which the walls of the building are log but the interior and exterior meant to be concealed from day one.  A modern house by all accounts, yet one whose skeleton happens to be log.  It’s a beautiful house and I especially like how tall it is, yet at the same time I find it too stylized.  Your thoughts?

IMG_1613 IMG_1618 IMG_1630 IMG_6845

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