About and Contact Info

Paul Cutting

cuttingp at gmail.com

five six three four one nine five six three four

2336 Trout River Rd

Decorah, IA 52101

9 thoughts on “About and Contact Info

  1. Barbara Watson

    Hi Paul,
    My mother’s maiden name was Busness, she recently passed away at 92 years young. Her father Otinus Busness was born in Waterville, Iowa. A relative on my father’s side found this and thought it might interest me, which it does. You have done amazing work! I will be visiting Houston, MN for my Aunt’s 90 the birthday( she is also a Busness) and would love to see the home.
    I will be there from July 21-July 27.
    Thank you, Barbara Watson

  2. Manolin Lorente

    Absolutely love your work and admire greatly the ability to work with your hands and restore beautiful homes the way you do. I don’t have much experience and would love to learn, I’m willing to trade my hands and a strong back for the knowledge you posses.


  3. Chad Beeson

    Im in love with your site, I was left a part of a huge farm in athens texas. And have been looking to have a old cabin or house redone and put on the land.

    Thanks for all you do to help save these gems.

  4. Elvira

    I just wanted to say that I think that you are doing a great job documenting, restoring and rescuing those beautifully build log houses! I really enjoy your site and hopefully one day I can take on a project like you do!

    Keep up the good work!


  5. Danielle

    Hello Paul, I’ve been following this blog for a long while, and I’ve since fallen in love. The beauty, history, and charm in the buildings both when you find them and what life you breathe back into them sing to my soul. I wish I could do what you do… I’ve dreamed of it for years. It gives me hope (for myself, and for all of us) that people like you are out there – thank you for the work and the words. I’m grateful to have found you out there.

  6. billy weeks

    Amazing…your endeavors are great. Too much has been lost by never ending desire/greed to make a buck while losing much more. Good luck on your efforts. Billy

  7. Kathie Burke

    My husband and I found your blog today from a photo of your cabin on Pinterest. We admire your passion and your loyalty to old cabins. We are finishing up on a log cabin that my Great-Great Grandparents built. We had it moved here versus taking it apart. We can not imagine what you go through taking them apart. Yes, you do have to be persistent and determined.
    We admire how much respect you have for saving what you can and reusing the old building parts!!!! Most people that tear them down could care less about that stuff. In restoring our cabin we also used many salvaged materials, we wish we would have saved more then we did but we weren’t able to. We just wanted to let you know that we appreciate what you are doing!!!! Thank You, for doing this Blog also! I do think that by looking at Pinterest that you could make a career by restoring cabins for other people. Our Movers for our log cabin are from Blue Earth if you ever want a break from taking them apart. Hope to meet you one day, We love Decorah maybe we can meet when we go down to Seed Savers one day. It’s good to know people like you exist!!!!
    Sincerely, Kathie

  8. rach

    I subscribe to Kirsten on You tube and love watching the film of you and those old houses. I find it very calming, I’m glad I found this site and just for the gas paint idea as I’ve been waiting to redo my gas stove pans rests. Look forward to more videos etc if you plan to keep sharing.


  9. Kim Anderberg

    Hi Paul. Do you have plans on making more videos? I would love to see more on how you find, take down and rebuild your houses..

    Best wishes



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