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Highland Township House, Winneshiek County, IA

I don’t know much about this place except that it’s really stellar.  The log part is in the center (one room or megaron plan) and measures something like 15′ x 17′.  Like the Bigler House, this one is largely intact and has seen little modification over time.  The interior walls are sheathed in narrow-gauge beadboard (circa post 1900).  The interior doors are much the same- made by sandwiching pieces of wainscot together- and all have their original hardware.

The future of this house is up in the air, unfortunately.  Its owners built a huge new house behind it and had the vision of making this into a little get-away house…but that was five years ago.  The house desperately needs a new roof.  So, we’ll see what happens.

South-east elevations

West elevation

Exposed oak logs under stairway

Second floor